Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Gift of Full Frontal Nudity

My own house
in precious preschool hours.
Space for silence...
for shaving...
for solitude.

For warm,
scented spray,
unsullied by
sudden movement
of tiny bowels.

Stepping out
Forgot my underwear
All alone
No matter.

Picture window.
Broad daylight.
Merry Christmas,
Mr. UPS Man.


  1. Ha! I love this - so much fun. And well I remember those unbelievably precious preschool hours . I think they are tantamount now to solitary Saturday hours..... I hope the UPS guy had a sense of humor.

  2. That was probably the best tip he got all day. ;)

  3. The Gift of Open Ooops! to the UPS guy.

    Unbelieveable Word Veri, one-a-million: unorgie

  4. Hahahahaha You made my day too...it's not just me that does stuff like this:)

  5. I just hope the UPS guy doesn't talk to the chimney sweep and compare notes!


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