Odd bits and pieces of things. Email, quotes, overheard snatches of conversation. I'm fascinated by fragments. Feel free to add your own.

"I need to get back on track today and not eat so many sandwiches." - excerpt from an email

"To change one’s life:  start immediately, do it flamboyantly, no exceptions." - William James

Wanted to rant. Danced instead.

"I woke up with you
on my breath
this morning
and the sense that
was going down."

"But pigeons are mammals! They feed their babies milk from the nipples in their throats!"

"I don't think he's ever looked in our mailbox at all. I think he thinks mail is something that happens to other people"  - excerpt from an email

"OK, this is getting a little too George Michael, circa 1998." - excerpt from a text message received while setting up a play date.

"Are you mad at me because I said your biscuit looked like pancakes?" - excerpt from an email


  1. Oh my, oh my goodness, that was wonderful...xoxo

  2. A little something for your stash -

    An echo of coal
    still glows orange and red,
    softly round, inside my soul.
    Is it too much?
    Not yet. When it is,
    I'll let you know.


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