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I love getting email from people besides my wealthy mystery benefactor in Nairobi.

Facebook info is still forthcoming here! Like me, please! For right now, Facebookers, please just search "Periphery" on Facebook and I'm the personal blog one, not the hair band one. I am trying to get the java script /HTML/alphabet soup all cleaned up. Surely you understand.

I do also adore getting real mail: postcards, unsolicited packages, large sums of money, mix CDs, letters written on real paper with an actual pen. But I'm not sure how to work this yet and still protect my privacy. I have large, un-curtained picture windows on the front of my house. I am frequently caught, quite literally, with my pants down, so I wouldn't want to cause the mail carrier any extra pain and suffering.

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  1. I don't know if these words of James Edwards will help you at this time, but I have long had them posted on my profile on MySpace. I just added them to my Blogspot profile.

    Here's a link.
    He & your friend have much in common, I think:


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