Infinite Jesters

I posted a while back about a literary undertaking of mammoth proportions that I have begun. No, I am not trying to write the great American novel - I can't do fiction. I am attempting to read Infinite Jest in its entirety. Many people who have summited Mt. Everest have said later that they did so "because it's there". That's pretty much what I'm doing, except without the frostbite and altitude sickness. One brave blogger has decided to undertake this journey with me. So, in our merry little insane book club of two, esbboston of My Worlds My Words My Worries and I will attach our ropes to each other and continue the climb. Sometimes I wish I had a sherpa. Care to join us? Check in here, leave a comment or two, share your progress, insights, etc. This will be fun.

January 21 - Got up to page 66 and the story was just starting to gel for me when the library kindly reminded me that not only is the book due, but someone else is waiting for it. I think I'm going to have to buy a copy. I called my friend who owns a used bookshop and she laughed at me. Out of stock. She said anyone who buys that book contemplates reading it at some point in their lives, but uses it for a doorstop in the meantime and that I was the only person she knew who actually dove right in. I guess she would know, being a bookseller and all. Meanwhile, I dutifully returned it to the library and have it on reserve again so I can take another 2-week crack at it and I'm resting my brain with some Neil Gaiman.


  1. You read my interview with Julia? She's a bibliophile obviously and has read this mammoth book and recommends it... and her Derby Doll name is "Infinite Pest" in honor. I may send her this link for fun.

  2. Good Luck! And tell us how it goes..!

  3. Neil Gaiman can make anything better. Happy brain resting.


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