Thursday, February 14, 2013


If you tint something red or pink or purple,
if you cover it with glitter,
if there are paper doilies involved in any way,
if there is shiny paper,
if there are earnestly drawn letters, stickers and hearts...

I am a sucker.

I'm a sucker most of the time anyway, but I'm really a sucker for paper confections of love and lots of glue.

My Hooligan crawled in bed with me this morning and the first words out of his mouth were: "Happy Valentine's Day, Mom! I love you." My jBird followed shortly afterward with the same greeting. I observed, a little nostalgically, that they have outgrown calling it "Valentime's Day." I still say that sometimes, just for fun. I'm mostly glad that they still crawl in bed with me and snuggle and that I am their Primo Valentino. Or would that be Prima Valentina?

Love (like gratitude, forgiveness, grace, joy, etc.) is one of those things that we should show abundantly every day and in whatever ways work and are possible for us. I'm all right with it having its own special day covered in glitter and ribbons and bows and chocolate, though. The same as I'm all right with gratitude having its own day wrapped in turkey. But, you know, like most holidays we have the whole money-making guilt machine that grinds up to full throttle and tempts you to believe that the love in your life is not enough, that you haven't done the right types of things to show it, or that you might need more diamonds. This is where I stick my fingers in my ears and sing: la-la-la-I-can't-hear-you!

Join me in a rousing chorus of that, please. Look around your real life with your own eyes. Not the eyes that you think you should have or that you think other people are using to view you, just yours. Do you see it? Do you see the love that is there? It doesn't look like mine, I'm sure. It doesn't express itself in the ways the TV commercials or the Pinterest boards say it should, probably. Maybe it doesn't wrap itself in cellophane and whipped cream, maybe it's a little tired, maybe it has had a rough month, but it's there. It's everywhere, you just have to have the right goggles on to see it. Sit with it, celebrate it in whatever way you see fit and stick your fingers in your ears and avert your eyes away from all the shoulds and coulds and woulds and appreciate the is.

But what do I know?

I'm a sucker.

I'm a sucker for the pinks and purples and reds and the glitter and doilies and hugs and red velvet and heart-shaped pizza and winks and grins and little tears of joy.

I'm off to the store now to surprise my barely-over-bronchitis monkeys with shiny red balloons and chalky conversation hearts.

Because I'm a sucker.

*If you're not much of a sucker, that's OK. Here are some other Valentine's posts from the past to entertain you: Cupid's Misfires and Chocolate: A True Story.


  1. I am a sucker too! And I love this so much!!

  2. Sounds like the best present, a bed full of happy loving kids

  3. I'm a sucker, too. But, I agree, the real love is shown every single day.

  4. I used to be a sucker, on behalf of my kids when they were younger. Ten years in the flower business burned me out on pretty much anything pink, sparkly or heart-shaped. :)

    Regarding those chalky little hearts, my oldest son came home from first grade and told me he thought the little green hearts tasted like mop water smells. I realized he was right and I haven't been able to eat the green ones since.


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