Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Alphabet of My Recent Days

A is for Airborne Immunity Booster (for me)
B is for baths with eucalyptus oil.
C is for coughing, coughing, coughing. Also chamomille.
D is for Delsym because Mama finally busted out the big guns.
E is for eucalyptus steam.
F is for fever, fever, fever.
G is for grapefruit.
H is for honey.
I is for icy, frozen orange juice pops.
J is for juice of the orange.
K is for killing germs with Lysol and Clorox.
L is for lozenges that taste of elderberries.
M is for monkeys with lots of mucus.
N is for nights that are very, very long with the coughing and the fever.
O is for opening up airways. Also oranges. Lots and lots of oranges.
P is for prayers whispered into sweaty hair for comfort and healing for these miserable little people.
Q is for quiet that comes in the wee hours when the coughing finally stops for a while.
R is for rest - lots for them, little for me.
S is for steam inhalation.
T is for tea - peppermint, honey and ginger, lemon.
U is for under the weather.
V is for Vicks Vapo-Rub on tiny heaving chests.
X is for the X-rays of the chest.
Y is for yogurt to replenish the necessary bacteria.
Z is for zinc.

My jBird has bronchitis and we are waiting for the results of her pertussis test. She is missing her 7th consecutive day of school today. My Hooligan just went back to school yesterday after a week of being sick. There has been someone sick in my house since the last week in January. I am at the very end of my wits.


  1. But at least you are down to one sick? (plus yourself?)
    Get well

  2. Hang on in there, on the bright side once your bodies have finished dealing with all this just think how much stronger your immune systems will be ;-)

  3. This might make a nice illustrated children's book.

  4. B is for BOO!
    H is for Hoping you'll all be well soon.
    S is for Spring- please!

  5. I'm with Tara! Terrific picture book. I can see it now. Stephen Gammell would be the ideal illustrator: http://www.amazon.com/That-You-Winter-Stephen-Gammell/dp/0152024344/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_6

  6. That is a long time to deal with the ABC's of illness, hope you are all up and on your feet soon!

  7. Gosh, I am very sorry. I hope you all feel much better very soon. There is nothing worse than having sick kids when you are sick yourself.

  8. We too have not all made it to school for an entire week since before Christmas and now February vacation is upon us. Here's hoping your house is well soon.

  9. ps. You're ABCs are incredibly clever!

  10. L is really for the LOVE that motivates you to take such good care of your little patients.

    And B is really a BB - - - for brilliant blog (as usual).

  11. This is sort of tangential (which should not surprise you at this point), but I am passionately in love with eucalyptus oil baths and do not even wait for sickness as an excuse. Hope everyone is finally healthier and stays that way for a while.


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