Thursday, April 19, 2012

She's Ba-ack!

Didja miss me?
I doubt it, with all of these wonderful guest posts to read. I am having such a good time catching up on the five-day love-in that has taken place here on the Periphery. What do you all need me for?! This is just so fantastic.

I'm waterlogged and I'm exhausted in the best sort of way, so I will leave you with a few of my favorite things from the last few days:

I love that I got to drink all of my coffee from paper cups.

I love how our car turned into a shuttle of us. Just a pod of the people I love best, piled in with snacks and books and crayons and knitting and lots of music.

I love how everything disappeared except hanging out, celebrating each other and having fun.

I love how much people watching I got to do. People are so appalling and strange and wonderful. All these people I got to gawk at, see their tattoos, watch them interact with their families, eat their dinner, drink their coffee, fight and play and get sick and just be in all of their glory.

I love the fact that I got to eat not one, but two pot roast sandwiches in the last two days.

I love that I had to talk the Chief Lou out of buying me a T-shirt that said "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" at a roadside cafe (although I kind of wish I hadn't.)

I love coming home, taking a shower to wash of the gas station bathrooms, putting on clean jammies and curling up on my own couch.

G'night all. And until next time... winner winner chicken dinner!


  1. Welcome back, glad you had a good time and I'd love a pot roast sandwich.

  2. Yay for you being back! Yay for you sharing your favorite things. Yay for people who even think to make t-shirts that say "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner." I need to know those people someday.

  3. Is it reaLLy you?!?!?

    I think a shirt with WWCD? on the front (which looks similar to those WWJD? ones) with "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!" on the back would be a good design.

  4. Welcome Back!! And yes, we did miss you, but we're glad you had fun! (:

  5. Sounds like a winner of a vacation.
    We did miss you. Glad you're back!

  6. I LOVED your guest writers and I LOVE that you're back!

  7. Welcome back. So glad you enjoyed your time away.

  8. I missed you, even though I adored all your guest writers. Glad you're back.


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