Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And Speaking of Guest Posts...

This is not at all creepy.
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I want YOU.
Yes, you.

Listen, I'm leaving the planet for a few days starting Saturday and rather than hang a sign around the ol' blog that says I've gone on an extended coffee break, it would be just ducky if someone wanted to write a guest post for me.

We're not picky here around the Periphery. Got something that you don't want to put on your own blog? Send it over. Funny pictures of cats? Keep 'em. Treatise on the use of hands as symbolism in the collected works of George R.R. Martin? Send me an abstract. Or really anything else you've got kicking around. I'd be delighted to flog for some other bloggers.
So, ladies and gentlemen, start your search engines and send me some stuff. I would be so much obliged.

You can send me an email:
You can use the spanky new message feature on my Facebook page.
You can let me know in the comments here and we'll make the proper arrangements.
You can Tweet me.
You can write them on a bus.
You can write them without fuss.

There even might be something in it for you.

It's this, or I post a video a day of some of the most hideous ear worms ever to grace the face of Youtube. Or possibly interpretive art made from my fingernail clippings? Informative links with photos about various infectious diseases?

Seriously, if you're a seat-of-the-pants poster, this is an opportunity for you. I'm nothing if not a last minute gal.

And I thank you in advance. Mwah!


  1. Replies
    1. Does this mean you are volunteering to guest post for me? Wonderful!

  2. Where are you going, tangled Lou? (take me with you)

    1. Neptune. I'm going to Neptune. It is the only planet on which liquid nitrogen occurs naturally. It makes a mean ice cream.

  3. Now I know what I am doing when I go to Maine!! You are brilliant.

    1. You're going to write me a guest post from Maine?

  4. Well, all I have is funny pictures of cats, so that knocks me out. Psh. That's discrimination.



    1. I have the best cat picture to send you.

  5. How about a top 100 list of why I hate Disney?


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