Sunday, April 15, 2012

Guest Post: Lock, Stock and Barrel

A definition
'an atom is the smallest article of an element that can still be identified as this element, it cannot exist freely.

a molecule is a bond of two or more atoms it can exist freely' - Wiki Answers

Because everything is made up of molecules with nothing between this means we are all one big something, all joined by nothing. 
The dog, the rat, the guinea pigs, my sons, my husband, the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, the flowers, birds and hairy caterpillars and all you lot are one. The only thing separating us is nothing.

This is the world...

This is what it's made of...

We're all just little balls bouncing around in space.

Dinosaurs, knights in shining armour, Beethoven and Leonardo da Vinci. all just tiny balls held together by I don't know what.

If you dug in the right place and scooped up all the molecules of Heath Ledger, put them in a bath and added some sort of gluey substance you might be able to recreate him. A sort of Heath Cous Cous.

Where am I going with this?

Weeeeeell there's absolutely no reason at all for my dog and I not being able to walk through walls is there? 

Philosophy? No, 'silly'ophopy' from Julie at feeding the cat

Love this? Go check out Julie's philosophy, art and beautiful blogging at feeding the cat. She is an amazing artist and her wonderful meandering wit made her an instant favorite of mine. Thank you, Julie for guest posting! 


  1. Love! Sillyophony is my favorite, but I really think you're onto something here, Julie.

    1. Yeeees - Sillyophony ought to be studied at school.

  2. I am not sure if I read the wikipedia sentence correctly, but it seems to suggest that atoms can't eXist by themselves. Most atoms eXist as combinations known as molecules or else as ionic structures that bond in a different way, such as common salt NaCl, but there aren't paired molecules of just a single Na and a Cl. But I believe that noble gases (Neon, Argon, ....) eXist as single atoms as they do not normally undergo chemical reactions to form chemical bonds.

  3. I can't really debate the science behind it, but I'll bet the YouTube videos of you and your dog trying would go crazy viral. :)

  4. This has got me thinking in exactly the way I've been needing to lately. Thanks.

  5. I am still mulling over the notion of Heath Ledger cous-cous.


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