Monday, September 8, 2014

On The Naming of Cats

My bike is waiting patiently for me in the garage. The kids are on the bus, my music is uploading to my phone. Yesterday's storybook bright blue skies have given way to the more monochrome palate of Seattle in the fall and it's time for me to hit the trail.

But first, while I wait for my various electronics to do their thing, I leave you with this:

And a poem by Carl Sandburg:

THE fog comes 
on little cat feet. 
It sits looking 
over harbor and city 
on silent haunches         5
and then moves on.

Let it be known that I wanted this little fellow to be named Carl Sandburg. Let it be known that I would have settled for Chief Seattle, because he is the exact color of the sky today.

Let it be known that his name is PartyMac.

Apparently he and the Hooligan discussed it in their sleep while he sprawled across the boy's pillow and groomed his sweaty, sleeping head.

And, of course, it's perfect.

What tiny, unexpected, suddenly perfect things are making you smile today?


  1. PARTYMAC! Did you know our cats name is kind of Bob City? (Whiskey Bob City). PartyMac and Bob City need to hang. They would be best cat friends forever.

    We live close to Carl Sandburg's home here and have visited it a few times. The land is heavenly and magical. Did you know his wife was lactose intolerant, so she raised goats? And the descendants of her goats still dwell there today for us to pet.

  2. My Grandma's Famous Lemon Squares, recipe followed to perfection by my daughter.


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