Friday, October 4, 2013

Mugs and Arms

Well, darlings, it's been a week.
I was all set to start blogging again and then Congress happened and a minor cold and a few other things and now it's been a week.

Here's what's up.

I've got the most fantastic mug sitting next to me right now. Check it out.

Also check out the awesome shade of turquoise
I painted my family room over the summer.

A friend of mine gave it to me last week when I was rooting through her cupboards. She was trying to unload her mom's fine china on me, but I declined. You may recall, however, that I have a thing for mugs. So my friend gave me three mugs that her friend, a potter (sadly, not a Harry Potter, although he may be a hairy potter. I've never actually met him.) made and gave them. "We never, ever use them and they take up so much space." Done deal, my friend. No mug takes up too much space in my book. So I have this hearty, happy, lovely thing from which to drink my coffee every morning. The Chief Lou has one, too, and we have a spare in case someone wants to share the joy when they are here. Things like this make me incredibly happy.

On Tuesday, my whole world shifted under my feet and I lost my balance a little bit. I've been staggering around trying to find my footing. But the most amazing thing has happened. Whenever I feel like I might just tip into howling oblivion, there are arms there to catch me. Did you ever play that trust-building game where you cross your arms and close your eyes and just fall, trusting that your teammate or co-worker will catch you before you hit the ground? It's awful and exhilarating at the same time. There's that awful moment where you think, "This is it. This is the way it all ends. I will dash my brains out on the concrete of my office parking lot," and then there it is - arms in the darkness that grab you in whatever ways they know how and lower you, laughing and panting to the ground. So maybe your co-worker stuck their hand in your armpit and pulled your hair a little bit, they came through and kept you from smashing your face on the pavement.

So it has been this week. It has been awful and exhilarating. Sometimes it feels like my eyes are closed and I'm hurtling through space and then the phone rings, I get a text, an email, a coffee mug, a hug. I find I am surrounded by people whom I have slowly, over the last year, allowed myself to trust and I am overwhelmed. These arms that reach out and catch me, set me up and point me back in the right direction. They are arms that I haven't expected, haven't asked for, haven't demanded. They are the arms of people who simply love me and mine and they have shown up just in time. So now, instead of closing my eyes and crashing around, I am intentionally closing my eyes and falling to my knees with prayers of gratitude.

And I have this mug. It is beautiful and sturdy; it is substantial and useful; it is unique and personal; it was a gift given freely out of love. We have mugs enough for us and some to share. It will never take up too much space. It makes me incredibly happy. It reminds me that we're surrounded by sudden arms in the darkness and that we will be OK.


  1. Nice mug. And the paint is almost the same color as that bar on the bottom of your monitor.

  2. That is a gorgeous mug. And everything will be OK.

  3. My daughter, who hates to use silverware that belongs to other people, and that includes restaurant silverware because it skeevs her out, has a love affair with mugs. It doesn't matter where it came from, if it feels good in her hand, the size, the heft, the rim, it's a keeper.

    This week (actually the whole summer) has been a doozie for me, and just when I was at my lowest, when I was worn out and done in and the house was full of screaming teenage girls having a party and I just needed one grown up word of encouragement, three emails where waiting for me. Three glorious, beacon glowing, light in a dark tunnel, emails......and I thanked God for them and those wonderful people who held out their hand.

  4. I rescued my mug at work after a "helper" cleaned my office. There it was in the corner of the dumpster unbroken waiting for me to rescue it. I love the waLL color, veRy nice.

    I taught my wife about the Scablands.

  5. I think maybe the world is off-kilter a little this past week. It's a good time for those sudden arms in the darkness.
    (This morning, I'm using a Christmas mug. It's dainty with a gold trim. I spent too much time on Christmas Pinterest boards.)

  6. Everything will be alright, perhaps even better than before, if only because after this your faith will have grown. Mugs, hugs, and very other good little thing in the universe... I wish it all for you. xoxo

  7. Gorgeous mug. Gorgeous post. And here's to the gift of arms and the even bigger gift of recognizing when we need to let go and fall into them.


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