Friday, March 29, 2013

You Can Fly

Here is a little bit of magic that was just quietly happening in my front yard yesterday afternoon.
You can fly.

As you go about your days, remember the way it feels to do this.
To get carried away in your imagination,
to believe in the power of good over evil,
to do whatever strikes you as fun without fear of judgement or self-consciousness.

Look upward and outward and see the magic that surrounds us.
Find the bright spot of a dull landscape and focus on that.

Remember how it feels to fly. Really fly.


  1. Way too easy to forget. I think this weekend I am going to try to remember! Thanks TL :)

  2. It's the start of spring break...I think the kids and I are going to shake off our capes and see where the wind takes us!

  3. Good over evil. That's why I return to fantasy stories, again and again.

  4. Was that SuperBoy in your front yard? Awesome!

  5. We, as adults, need to remember this feeling. I know I do, anyway.

  6. Excellent reminder and gorgeous photo.


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