Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thoughts On Cooking

Thoughts on cooking?
There's a point to this, I promise.
What do you think about cooking?
Do you cook as often as you'd like? Too often?
What are your favorite things to make? Why?
How about eating?
We all like that, right? Do we?
Food in general?
Favorite foods? Why?
Do you have any strong associations to a particular food or foods?
Am I making you hungry?
What did I forget to ask about?
In the comments are fine.
Take all the space you need.


  1. Hum .. I do believe I have to write a post about this one ...

  2. Okay this might be enough to bring me back for a real post..... for now, let's just say that cooking is way down my list of preferred things to do - but it is there. I only like to cook when time is not an issue, when I am not tired, when I have a glass of wine keeping me company. When I cook, I want it to be something not too complex. I usually don't use a cookbook - which might explain why my experiments are not always so tasty. On a daily basis, dinner is some kind of protein (fish, chicken, pork chops, on a rare occasion beef) and a grand salad. Okay, I don't mind making the salad b/c I like to make it my way!
    Eating..... not my favorite thing to do either. Odd because i see myself as a pretty sensual person but I see eating as fuel. I actually do think about that and , for example, eat a breakfast that i think will give me the energy to get through h the morning. I never eat sweet stuff for breakfast b/c I think it will not serve me well. Breakfast tends to be oatmeal with blueberries and (right now) fresh strawberries - the best! Lunch tends to be leftover salad (I always make enough from the night before to have some for lunch). I avoid all very sprcy (as in hot) foods. My sensitive mouth cannot enjoy those - the spicy maskes the taste of the food.
    I will say I enjoy very much going out to eat. I like to try things off the menu that I don't often make at home. I like walking away from the dishes. I like having a glass of wine and enjoying the food and the conversation.
    Okay - maybe a real post is forthcoming
    It will be fun to see what you are up to!

  3. Wow lady, that is one spanish inquisition and half.....I think I am going to have to ponder that one a nd come back to you. Thank heaven you aren't torturing me for the answers.

  4. Your questions are asked during a perfect time! Today I start a new kitchen remodel. I feel kinda sad for the old range, for the broken oven and for the dishwasher that only works when it feels like it. They will be replaced in a couple of hours by the latest, greatest and sexy models. I am excited because when it's all done I'll be able to cook. To bake. To renew that mom and wife in me. The woman in me that can provide words of love through intimate dinners. Or a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. A holiday meal. I guess I'm hoping that a new kitchen will bring us all back to the center. The warmth of our home that has been missing.

  5. Cooking? Ugh. That is my thought on cooking. Although I'd really love to know how to cook like a top chef. But thinking of WHAT to cook and going to the grocery store are my two least favorite things. Eating, on the other hand . . . well, that's a different story :)

  6. I hate to cook but I love to eat, see. And I like to eat healthy food. My husband cooks a lot, which is very lucky for me.

  7. What do you think about cooking? I love cooking. I wish I did it better.

    Do you cook as often as you'd like? Too often? I don't cook nearly as often as I'd like. I think it comes from having a sub-par kitchen with no room to turn around, let alone dodge children playing tag. When I do get a chance though, I love it.

    What are your favorite things to make? Why? I like to make savoury delicious things like Beef Bourguignon, chicken pot pie, chili... banana bread, apple crumble pie. Comforting things. I like to cook/bake things that I know people will enjoy.

    How about eating? I like to eat almost anything. Except custard. Anything custardy or custard adjacent activates gag. (ie. pudding, mayonnaise, butter...)

    Favorite foods? Why? I love those yummy comforting foods.
    Do you have any strong associations to a particular food or foods? Spinach soup reminds me of daycare when I was little, grilled cheese sandwiches made with white bread and kraft singles remind me of having lunch at Woolworth's with my mum, and baked beans remind me of camping.

    Am I making you hungry? I just ate lunch, so I'm safe.

  8. Cooking is one of those tasks that has been ruined for me by obligation. I love to cook. I love recipes, I love inventing recipes, I love departing from recipes. I especially love curries and big, lavish holiday meals. But, after years of cooking over and over and over, I am sick to death of it. Recently, I want to serve sandwiches every night and have to force myself to produce vegetables. I am planning to make my older children cook some this summer.

    I love to make invented curries. I like the artfulness of the spice mixing and the randomness of the result I get from my experiment. I like the abandon of the tumeric mess on my white stove top and the depth of he flavor. I like that my kids don't enjoy it as much as we do.

    I half wish I never had to eat. I am sick of being hungry and having to select food and clean up after it, decide if I have eaten too much or too little. Phaw! I do like procuring food, especially produce. It is like hunting for gems. And about as expensive.

    There is an Ayurvedic restaurant in Santa Fe that I love because it is both delicious and makes me feel good physically. Because I have food sensitivities, very few foods fit this bill and those are the ones I love the most.

    One strong association I have with food pertains to roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and its relationship to my British grandmother and memories of Christmas. To me, for a holiday to be honored in her tradition requires a certain type of filigree and loving labor, exemplified by this meal.

  9. Thanks, all! This is some great stuff. I'll be 'splaining soon.


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