Sunday, November 6, 2011

Falling Back, Revisited

This is what I meant to write yesterday, had all of my brain cells not been coated with birthday cake.

Photo courtesy of
Rachael Sereday Photography
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Falling back,
I find you here.
With arms,
with heart,
with silence,
without question
to catch.

Falling back,
and back and back.
Through smiles,
through shadows,
through softness,
throughout years
to find.

Falling back,
we stop, regroup.
We, with gentle winding of clocks,
we squeeze the lightness of our days
and find another minute.
Our own space in time
to spend in the elegant equation
of two
equals one
and four of seven and five.
We were never good at math
or time
but this, we do:

Falling back
we find us here.

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