Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Gift of Gold

Dear Ms. F,

Please excuse the jBird from being tardy to school on Friday. You see, there was something in the air.
Surely you understand as both a teacher and a mother that I am constantly in awe of this little person who decided to take a chance on me. She is such an independent child, so surely you understand how I spend a lot of time trying to convince her to lay all her love on me.

I know that school is important, especially in this particularly competitive school where the winner takes it all. And she's a mild mannered child, without an attitude of gimme! gimme! gimme!, so I realize she may fall behind her peers, but I really doubt being a few minutes late will be her Waterloo.

And I'm sure you can imagine my delight in seeing her shining like the sun; dancing, having fun, feeling like a number one. She was the dancing queen, dig it, the dancing queen. I know she'll have a little extra work to make up, but I'm sure she'll be fine. She's a super trouper.

Again, I apologize for her tardiness, but please mark her excused because I have a dream - a fantasy - to help me through reality. I don't want my jBird to grow up and remember that she was on time every single day to school. I want her to turn to me and say: Remember that time in 2nd grade I was late to school because we had to have an ABBA Gold dance party?

Surely you understand.

Tangled Up in Lou


  1. How awesome is this? ABBA Gold dance party ... I'm coming to your place!

  2. Love this!!! :) I hope you re-read this to her some day even if you didn't (or even if you did) really send it to her teacher. ;)

  3. I've picked up some verification words for you...whings, furthy, candecha, nabbee Enjoy! :)

  4. Fabulous! Not that I get a vote, but I find an ABBA Gold dance party to be a perfectly viable excuse for tardiness. There's plenty of punctuality in the world--nowhere near enough spontaneous bopping around with our daughters. :)

  5. While reading about ABBA, I came across this about Dancing Queen:

    Dancing Queen is played annually at the Royal Military College of Canada's Christmas ball. It's playing signals that the Commandant has left the building and that the real party may begin. This results in the male officer cadets removing their scarlets and waving them above their heads.

    Today's word veri: zings

  6. I love this SO MUCH! ABBA Gold Dance Party is the best excuse of all time (and I've heard aplenty).

  7. Enjoy it now. My teenage daughter told me just this weekend that I may have had dancing skills when I was in high school, but not anymore. Hmpf!

  8. What better excuse for tardiness? Hmmm...thinking I might have to bust out my ABBA Gold CD myself! Can't wait, thanks for reminding me :)

  9. That's actually a really inspirational post. Like my mother frequently tells me, and I totally concur, it's easier to make a bad memory than a good one. Making these good ones provide a lot of mileage!

  10. jBird is one very lucky girl. My mom did stuff like this and all these years later, I'm still grateful.

    Oh, and I have to send a friend over to read this one because she has a special hatred for Mamma Mia (sick, right?).

  11. Thanks, folks! I felt we were justified in our tardiness.

    @ Word Nerd - I must admit, that while I love the music of ABBA, I have a special hatred for Mamma Mia (the movie, haven't seen the live production). I wanted so much to like it, but alas...

  12. You're beautiful and this made me cry. Thanks for reminding me (once again) what's important.

  13. Reading this just made my day!

    And also made me really want to be a Mom.


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