Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

Here are a few things I am thankful for nearly every day. In no particular order...

1. My best friend and husband. He's the best thing that ever happened to me and he happens to me over and over again every day.

2. My intellectual fairy princess and my sweet & tender hooligan. They are two marvelous little people who tumbled into my life at their own special times and places and brought magic.

3. My family, both by blood and by marriage. We're a big, crazy, raggedy group of people that make a mosaic of fun and love and support that I wouldn't trade for anyone else's.

4. Health and youth and freakish good looks.

5. Clay. Also permanent markers, shiny surfaces, coffee mugs, writing tablets.

6. $1 Sausage McMuffins

7. Electricity and washing machines and KitchenAid mixers and reliable city transportation and all the modern conveniences that make my life a little bit easier.

8. Relationships and challenges and fears and insecurities and all the things that make my life a little bit harder and force me to grow.

9. Sea breezes and rainy days.

10. When the sun peeks through rain clouds like a smile through tears.

11. Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

12. My wood stove and good, seasoned fire wood.

13. The sounds of trains and foghorns in the night.

14. Good music.

15. Good food.

16. Dancing.

17. Laughter.

18. People who say remarkably nice things to total strangers. Case in point: this amazing blogging community I've discovered this month.

19. My dad and Mr. Roy and my Grandma Edna & Papa Bill, Mr. Bud - the people I've lost in the last few years who left so much with me, showed me how to live in this world with goodness and light and how to make an exit with dignity and grace.

20. My faith and the faith of so many who surround me. 

21. The people in my life who are shouldering extra heavy burdens right now with high spirits and aplomb. You are champions.

22. The fact that on a clear day I can stand on my street and see snow-capped mountains in the distance.

23. The tiny maple tree in my front yard that heralds the seasons with brilliance.

24. People who don't complain. The ones that quietly go about their business and make this place more pleasant.

25. The talent of my friends. I am awed by the number of extremely talented friends I have and in so many different ways. They all make the world more beautiful with their work, be it writing, drawing, painting, tattooing, teaching, cooking, surviving, acting, dancing, running, photographing, knitting, raising kidlets, singing, selling, story-telling, physics, on and on. So many talented friends...

26. Sparkle.

27. A high pain threshold - both physical and emotional.

28. People who love my children and think they're great.

29. People who think I'm great (or at least pretend to when I'm around).

30. This blog in which I spill my brain fumes every day and people actually read it. And like it.

31. Late night conversation, stifling giggles so as not to wake the kids.

32. Honesty. My own and that of others.

33. My lovely red silk hat. And my gray wool cloche. And my rainbow crochet beanie. Well, just hats. Fabulous hats.

34. People who buy fabulous clothes and shoes and then discard them in abundance at Goodwill. Especially if they are exactly my size.

35. Sidewalks.

36. Walks to school.

37. This amazing city where we were blessed enough to have finally landed 5 and half years ago.

38. People who disagree with me.

39. Little girls in loud clothing.

40. Rare quiet moments.

41. Really good socks.

42. Teachers 

43. Spontaneous and genuine displays of affection.

44. Hummingbirds in my front porch geraniums.

45. Online recipes and knitting patterns.

46. Excellent public library.

47. Good people who raise nice kids to be more good people.

48. The kindness of strangers.

49. My little crooked house in a great neighborhood.

50. The wisdom of other people that they are willing to share.

51. Finding just the right word to describe something.

52. Hand sanitizer.

53. Clean drinking water.

54. Little love notes written with misspelled words and backwards letters.

55. Delightful absurdities that make me laugh to myself.

56. The moment between breaths when you try to decide if you are done laughing.

57. Inside jokes that have run their course but are still funny.

58. Knitting. Definitely knitting. The quiet contemplation and the magic of tying knots in yarn with sticks to create beautiful things.

59. Dirty socks, trains and tracks, tiaras, books, crayons paper, footprints, hand prints and other evidence that my home is alive and active.

60. Living in a time and place where I am free to be who I want, believe what I want and do what I want.

61. Having the ability and means to help people who need it.

62. Books. Good books.

63. Trees of all descriptions. 


65. Recycling and compost bins.

66. Living within walking distance of an office supply store.

67. Little tiny snores and monkeys holding hands in their sleep.

68. The women in my life who show me strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive.

69. When the Chief Lou saves up something to tell me at the end of the day because he knows it will make me laugh.

70. People who appreciate gifts and accept compliments.

71. Good, fresh produce.

72. Imagination and a rich interior life.

73. Surprise notes and comments and emails that say just the thing I needed to hear today.

74. Exuberance.

75. Days set aside for cooking and sharing and eating with family and friends. We should have more thanksgivings. 


  1. I liked as lot of these, Some of them made me reflect quite a bit on my own life. #70, for example, is something I havea lot of trouble with but am continually working on. My own list that I drew up for our Canadian Thanksgiving last month:

  2. We absolutely should have more thanksgivings. :)

    Also a big fan of (in no particular order): 72, 68, 55, 51, 46, and number 8. But my special favorite is 56: The moment between breaths when you try to decide if you are done laughing. That's exactly the sort of magical brilliance I was talking about the other day.

  3. I'm thankful for you most of all, Scarecrow. ;)

  4. Awesome list! I shared many of the same sentiments! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my if I list my strongest faves?

    #2, 4, 10, 11, 18, 21, 44, 54, 56, 70, & 72.

    But I adore your entire list. With "aplomb."

    Happy thanksgiving, belated. xo That was wonderful.


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