Saturday, November 26, 2011

Verification and Validation

Every blogger loves comments, right? It's that tiny (or sometimes titanic) bit of validation that yes! someone is reading! and liking! and commenting! and taking the time to type in the verification word that ensures they are actually a human!

I have followed a lot of blogs from afar, but until the last month or so, I haven't done a whole lot of commenting them as a result of some sort of bizarre adolescent-like insecurity. They have no idea who I am. What do they care what I think? What if they think I'm an idiot? I just commented yesterday, what if they think I'm stalking them? and so on. But then as I started to get actual human readers, I realized that a little bit of strange is really exhilarating. I love it when a new name pops up on my comments! I absolutely adore people who read every day and comment!

So in this month of posting, I have made sure to click around and leave my markings everywhere I've been. In doing so, I've collected another one of my favorite things: nonsense words. Those little randomly generated verification words delight me so much that I almost can't wait to comment on a blog so that I can collect another one.

So, without further ado, an evening of poetry.

Ode to Verification and Validation

O' the glarfi sychrosm of revally tylit.
It's more than ingsne and gustoods
The weigarm ineless of it all.
Of tringete and terall, so very synct.
Even the busist sples among us
do bahem actist and clenc.
Neither pudfat nor nonizebo can stand
to the hishanke abledshe of
conbow sicar.
O' glarfi synchrosm.

Thank you, dear readers. You indulge me. You add sprinkles to life.


  1. Oh my, what a slithy tove you are! love it!

  2. I think you spelled 'glarfi' rong.

  3. You would enjoy Simcha Fischer's poetry, which she makes from the search strings that people use when finding her blog. One example:


  4. This is FANtastic. My sisters and I went through a phase on my blog of making up defintions for those little buggers. You've put them to much better use. :)

  5. Ha! Fantastic! I occasionally get the giggles when I see the captcha and want to post it in the body of the comment to share the mirth.

  6. Love this! And yes, seeing a comment can give me butterflies!! Love the poem!


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